Divine Feminine Natural Candle
Divine Feminine Natural Candle

Divine Feminine Natural Candle

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Celebrate the Divine Feminine essence within you by igniting the flame of this soy-based natural candle.

Celebrate what it means to be a woman, and the decadence that lies within your Soul.

Celebrate your power within softness, your warmth and your sensuality.

Most importantly, celebrate the peace, fulfillment, and joy that is available to you when you tap into your Yin Essence, waiting to flow in a juicy and abundant way.

Use this candle as a totem of decor, or use it mindfully in a Ritual to unleash the Divine Feminine Energy within.


ღ Create a sacred space (perhaps using Sage or Palo Santo)

ღ Set an intention to awaken the Divine Feminine or Yin Essence within you (internally, by writing it down, or by visualizing what you would like to F E E L as a result of this ritual)

ღ Light your candle, and affirm that your intention is activated

ღ Honor and bless your space for the work that has been done

ღ Affirm your ritual is complete

ღ A L L O W Miracles