Angel Aura Earrings
Angel Aura Earrings

Angel Aura Earrings

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Divine Light, Synchronicity, and Abundant Joy activate as Angel Aura Earrings are intentionally worn.

These beautiful, luminescent, and intricate Earrings reflect light in powerful magnetudes.

Amplifying the High Frequencies that naturally exist within us, and attracting the Miracle Light, these Earrings allow you to feel light, loved, and supported by the Angelic Realms.

Upon receiving, set the intention to be supported by the Divine Light, your Higher Self and the Angelic Realm and watch softness wash over you as you feel held, nurtured, and respected by the Cosmos at large.

Blessings coming your way, My Angel.


*Luxe Swarovski Certified Crystals

*Sterling Silver